xbox 360 controller support

version 1.02

Today I finished adding xbox 360 gamepad support.
The star is supposed to not need constant input to keep rotating so that you can sync up with the planetary bodies and shoot them. With a mouse this is easy. The speed is set directly from the x position of the mouse because when you stop moving a mouse it stays where it is but a joystick returns to 0 when you take your finger off. This required a different approach.

  When using the gamepad the joystick controls the acceleration of the star instead of controlling the speed directly. When you move the joystick it will slow or speed up the rotation of the star instead of the rotation being equal to the position of the joystick. This also however creates an inertia effect and it is sort of ponderous to speed up or change direction.  I am debating weather this is good or bad. It is certainly realistic for a huge thing like a star to take a bit of time to get up to speed.  There is still some fine tuning that can be done to the controls.


supernova 1.02.exe 2 MB
Feb 10, 2018

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