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I was not able to finish this game but I figured I should let people see what I have been working on anyways.
2 players. controls: WSAD, IJKL

The goal of this game is to collect hearts while avoiding the spear carrying black dot enemies. The end has not been implemented. The number on the top left of your screen is the number of hits you have. you gain hits when you touch the hearts and loose hits when touching the enemies.   The wizard was going to cast illusions. I had to take the illusions out because I ran out of time. I kept getting spawn glitches. The idea is that the Wizard would cast an illusion on one of the players (you don't know which one) and either some of the enemies would not be visible, or the powerups would look like enemies etc. These would relate to mental states. not seeing all of your enemies relates to arrogance or overconfidence. seeing powerups as enemies relates to paranoia. I was going to implement another condition where the person sees things that arent there which would relate to delusions. You would have to figure out which person has the illusion and which illusion they have in order to figure out which objects are real or fake. unfornatuately even though I thought the scope of this progect was small I ended up running out of time. This Idea may end up in a level of a larger game.  I wish I had more of it implemented to test out how fun the concept is.


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I dont know why itch.io thinks this is a tabletop game