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This game was an attempt at competing by myself in como Gamejam 4. The Theme was swipe. I just wanted to get my feet wet in unity and sprytile using the tiles from a previous game i made called Ulma.  You play as a rival tribesman from the Tiger tribe attempting to steal (or swipe) treasures from the bird temple. Future planned functions were: a character select screen that operates like Tinder complete with character profiles. you would swipe right on the character you want to play. Available charicters would have been: chibi laura croft, indianna jones, carmen sandiego, and perhaps the swiper form Dorra the Explorer. I had lots of other levels in mind as well as hazards and things to avoid and simpler key based controls

you control the character with the mouse and WASD keys. The mouse rotates the character. left mouse button jumps.


Treasure Swipers.zip 12 MB

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